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What it's about

Learn in this blog article how the maintenance plan guides your employees safely and reliably through any tasks on a daily basis and thus takes on an important function in manufacturing companies.

Clear maintenance plan as an important factor for successful maintenance

All recurring work and safety measures are scheduled in the maintenance plan: Maintenance plans determine when specific measures need to be conducted. This is a complex and challenging procedure for maintenance staff, as it is essential to ensure the optimum balance between efficient staff deployment and maximum plant availability.

What criteria must a maintenance plan fulfill?

1. Clear: Employees can quickly and intuitively understand which tasks need to be performed at what time.

2. Secure: The structure of the plan minimizes sources of failure, such as performing unnecessary maintenance work or omitting necessary maintenance work. 

3. Dynamic: Maintenance intervals can be easily adjusted by feedback of findings, e.g. shortening the maintenance interval due to recurring findings in a specific component.

4. Integrated: An adjustment in the plan is directly reflected in the documents used for execution (similar to a smart workflow), i.e. maintenance instructions and checklists.

Maintenance plan example in Excel

Maintenance plan 2023: With software to reliable maintenance processes

Maintenance plans often depict highly complex plant and machine structures. They therefore represent a basis for the overall maintenance performance that should not be underestimated. In fact, even in times of digitization, maintenance processes are still mostly planned in complex Excel sheets. Maintenance checklists