The ideal Connected Worker Platform to empower your workers achieve excellence become future-proof eliminate complexity create satisfaction boost productivity

Operations1 is the most advanced and scalable platform that helps industry leaders to run operations on a new level of excellence by increasing productivity by up to 21%, reducing error rates by up to 55% and continuously streamlining their operational processes.

Industry leaders work with Operations1

We serve our customers in three core dimensions

Empower every worker

across all manufacturing processes

  • Eliminate complexity
  • Increase flexibility
  • Create satisfaction

Boost operational excellence

in your production sites

  • Reduce errors by 55%
  • Boost productivity by 21%
  • Continuously improve

Build future-proof operations

across your whole enterprise

  • Lighten up the blind spot
  • Improve velocity by 65%
  • Strengthen agility

Simplify inspections, checks, SOPs and more

  • Guide your workers Use work instructions and checklists as the basis to conduct processes safely and efficiently

  • Capture insights Evaluate shopfloor data easily based on systematically captured data, images or videos

  • Solve incidents collaboratively Create, assign and solve tasks in case of any unforeseen incident and ensure that jobs get done

Discover your use case

Operations1 is the all-in-one solution for your human-led shopfloor operations.

  • +21% Higher productivity
  • +55% Increase in quality
  • -95% Documentation effort

We aim to empower the front line workers and help companies to capture the benefits of digitization.

Benjamin Brockmann CEO, Operations1

Our value promise

Ever since we founded the company, it is our ambition to fundamentally change the way operational processes are conducted. On the one hand, we aim to bring human centricity into shopfloor by making processes more intuitive. On the other hand, we want to enable enterprises to benefit from shopfloor digitization quick und sustainably, by providing a software that is highly flexible and structurally advanced in order to capture on-the-spot insights and derive the right conclusions in no time.

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With Operations1, we deliver the highest quality, regardless of location, language and qualifications.

Christoph Lenze Head of Production, Brückner Maschinenbau

Operations1 is internationally scalable, in all our divisions and across our entire organization.

Dr. Alfons Hätscher Chief Financial Officer, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

With Operations1 we were able to reduce our learning time by 67%.

Steffen Paul Head of Future Projects / REFA, POLIPOL

Every company can benefit from Operations1: from assembly instructions to quality checks.

Georg Glasewald Head of Production, Yuanda Robotics

With Operations1, we establish living processes and increase process reliability.

Cyril Maurer Head of Production and Test Bench, Soudronic AG

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