Market leaders rely on our Paperless Manufacturing Software

21% more productivity by working paperless

Paper-based work is not only error-prone, it's inefficient. Production workers need to be confident that they have all the information relevant to a particular production run at their fingertips at all times. Outdated, misleading or incomplete work instructions and checklists lead to errors. With Operations1, operational staff can focus completely on their task through context-based, real-time information provision and intuitive process guidance.

55% less errors through visual process guidance

Scrap production, rework and customer complaints can be reduced with clear, visually supported instructions. Images and videos of the target process, installation situations of the end product at the customer's or image-based step-by-step instructions guide employees digitally and reliably through the manufacturing process. The Operations1 manufacturing software also provides digital work instructions and checklists in multiple languages.

Future-proof, paperless manufacturing

In addition to increased productivity and quality, the path to paperless production has above all a long-term effect on the future viability of companies. Instead of paper-based documents, knowledge is stored digitally and sustainably. In addition, manufacturers gain unprecedented transparency about employee-managed manufacturing processes. Based on the collected data, processes can be flexibly adapted to veined production requirements and better decisions can be made.

The solution: The Operations1 Platform for the Smart Factory

With Operations1's leading platform, you digitally map your manufacturing processes end-to-end: from the creation of manufacturing and assembly instructions, to the intuitive execution of work steps, to the evaluation of your manufacturing orders. Connect Operations1 to your IT systems such as ERP or MES.

Interested? Get to know Operations1 in a live demo

With Operations1, you can transfer any checklists, work instructions and inspection protocols into the digital world. We would be happy to show you the Operations1 functionalities for your individual use case in a live demo.

This is how a live demo works:

  1. Arrange a briefing meeting Book an appointment directly using the form to the right and receive an invitation directly by e-mail.

  2. Carrying out the live demo After the exchange, we will arrange a 30-45 minute demo appointment with you and guide you through the software.

  3. Next steps After the demo you can test the software yourself or we will be happy to make you an offer directly.

Features of our Paperless Manufacturing Software

  • No-Code-Editor

    Create your assembly instructions in the drag-and-drop construction kit and choose from various interaction options

  • Integrated checkpoints

    Perform digitally evaluable worker self-checks directly in the software

  • Version control and sharing

    Share your documents digitally. All documents retain the same ID across different versions, enabling consistent analysis.

  • Change notifications

    Change notifications in review documents are given to employees at the beginning of the process. Ask your employees for confirmation.

  • Multilingualism

    Provide your instructions in all common languages of the world

  • Central media library

    Organize and edit media such as images and videos centrally. Provide a central point of truth for your documents.

  • Materials and tools

    Store materials and tools visually in your work instructions.

  • Error image analysis

    Analyze findings photos and videos systematically and thus increase the significance of your test findings.

  • Progress monitoring

    Keep an eye on the progress of your inspection processes in a clear dashboard and react faster to incidents.

  • Offline capability

    Use the software offline as well. As soon as you are online again, you can make your digital test reports centrally available.

  • Organisation

    Use structure classes for your locations, teams, products or machines. This allows you to easily organize your logs.

  • Analyse statistics

    Easily retrieve defect images, process cycle times, and quality statistics

  • Manufacturing orders

    Plan your orders in Operations1 or transfer them from ME and ERP systems

  • Analytics

    Visualize your inspection statistics in a simple way and increase the significance with locally captured images and videos.

3 reasons why companies choose Operations1

Great flexibility

The platform approach lets you choose only the modules you need. The no-code approach lets you map your individual processes with just a few clicks.

Endless scalability

Our technology gives you global scalability. Create a point of truth for all languages, processes and data.

Great Team

Across all business functions, our ambitious, dynamic team works toward one mission: to make you successful.

The simplicity of the solution convinced me right from the start.

Thomas Adamek Head of IT & Qualitymanagement, Nabertherm GmbH

We started using Operations1 based on one use case. The possibilities for further use cases are just exploding.

Eckhard Böker Head of Production & Supply Chain, Brückner Maschinenbau

Every company can benefit from Operations1: from assembly instructions to quality checks.

Georg Glasewald Head of Production, Yuanda Robotics

Through Operations1 we save about 170 kCHF annually.

Cyril Maurer Head of Production and Test Bench, Soudronic AG
  • -95% Effort for docu
  • +21% higher productivity
  • +55% higher quality

Would you like to test the Operations1 platform? Contact us and you'll be up and running in no time.