The company Operations1

Our common goal: Supporting employee-led processes digitally to induce simplicity, efficiency and continuous improvement.

Benjamin Brockmann
Co-Founder & CEO
Daniel Grobe
Co-Founder & COO
Anian Ziegler
Co-Founder & CPTO
  • 60+ employees
  • 14 Nationalities
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Operations1 Mission

Our common principles

In our daily work, we follow our mission to support operational employees worldwide with our software.​ We want to simplify operational processes and make knowledge available. Our six principles are the foundation for internal and external collaboration.

We are team players

We collaborate across teams, partners and our customers. We take ownership and are respectful, honest and supportive to each other.​

We are innovators

We approach challenges with sustainable, innovative solutions through an entrepreneurial mindset.

We are bold

We take initiative, think big and are positive about challenges even in uncertain situations.

We execute with focus​

We think broadly and view challenges from different perspectives. We prioritize next steps and execute them with sharp focus.​

We are impact-driven​

We evaluate and decide on actions according to long-term impact for the company and our customers.​

We are thought leaders​

We inspire our customers, partners and colleagues through proactivity, foresight and reflection. We think ahead and shape the way forward.​

Operations1 Team

The name Operations1

The name Operations1 consists of two components: The word Operations, is based on our target group and our motivation for the software: To offer a software solution for operational employees to support them in their work. The 1 symbolizes our holistic approach to build a software category that adapts to the needs of the employees, provides information in an adapted way and connects the organization.

With Operations1 we have found an innovative partner that provides a strong software.

Jörg Ringmeir Head of IT Business Services, Hirschvogel Automotive Group

From an idea to the foundation of a company

Daniel Grobe and Benjamin Brockmann studied together at TU Munich and also conducted research at the Fraunhofer Institute and got to know Anian Ziegler during that time. Based on their experience in research, industry and management consulting, they developed the idea for the software solution Operations1.

Operations1 was founded in 2017 in cooperation with the TU Munich. In addition to the Augsburg location in the Innovation Park, the software company moved into new office space in Frankfurt am Main in 2020. Customers such as Hirschvogel, Bosch, Stabilo, Trumpf and Nabertherm come from a wide range of manufacturing industries, from mechanical and plant engineering to consumer goods and automotive.

Board and advisors

Our Advisory Board consists of renowned experts from the fields of research, innovation and digital transformation. Thanks to regular exchanges, we benefit from the extensive experience of the board members, who provide us with valuable advice.

Moritz Zimmermann
CTO SAP Hybris
Christian Heinrich
Professor for digital transformations
Stefan Braunreuther
Professor for Mechanical and Process Engineering

Our location in Augsburg

cioplenu GmbH

Am Technologiezentrum 5
86159 Augsburg


Our location in Frankfurt am Main

cioplenu GmbH

Lindleystraße 8 D
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Operations1 Office Frankfurt

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