Cost-efficient production of premium products

Digital work instructions and checklists allow you to optimize your production efficiency, reduce costs and create room for growth.

Generate high quality for industrial goods with Operations1

Leading companies rely on Operations1

Quickly trained employees

Digital work instructions allow information to be provided in a more easy-to-understand way. Not only is the "what to do" clearly communicated, but above all the "how to do it" is explained via images and video.

  • Decrease in training time by up to 67%

  • More independent training of new employees

  • Reduced workload for trainers/mentors

Training with Operations1

Comprehensible information for a high OEE

With Operations1, give your maintenance team the right tools to carry out high-quality processes.

  • Same quality level of maintenance activities

  • Increased transparency and documentation power

  • Reduction of maintenance and scrap costs

Digital Maintenance with digital checklists

Increase transparency and security

Have process deviations recorded directly and digitally. This allows you to improve processes and solve problems much more efficiently and quickly.

  • Up to -80% effort for internal audits and inspections

  • Increased occupational safety and employee motivation

  • Flexible and fast CIP process

Worker uses the operations1 software perform a HSSE audit and use the digital checklist to evaluate shopfloor findings

How other companies strengthen their production with Operations1


+11%P OEE after 6 months and -23% mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)

Case study

BWF Profiles

Gain of +80% time savings and 50% quality control efficiency

Case study

Schwäbische Härtetechnik Ulm

Reduction of machine downtimes through automated maintenance planning

Case study


-60% downtine in international plants and savings of €250,000 per location

Case study

We were able to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by 11%P in the first six months.

Jacob Reid Head Engineering, Oetiker Group

80% less time spent on 6S audits through photo and video documentation directly in Operations1.

Stephan Wagner Head of Quality and Project Management, BBW Lasertechnik GmbH

The digital documentation with Operations1 is very well received by customers and auditors.

Jürgen Mautsch Management Assistant, Schwäbische Härtetechnik Ulm

We are saving €250,000 a year per facility by using Operations1.

Stefan Führer Maintenance Leader, Hirschvogel Automotive

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