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We started in maintenance. But Operations1 is a software for the entire company.

Jürgen Mautsch Management Assistant, Schwäbische Härtetechnik Ulm

Status Quo

The wide and varied range of plants for heat and surface treatment requires good and reliable planning of regular maintenance.

The MS Office and paper-based process involves a lot of effort for the maintenance team and only allows for slow optimization of maintenance.


Instructions were created in Word and provided to the maintenance technicians in paper form. The planning of regular maintenance was organized and carried out by the responsible employees themselves. Feedback and change requests had to be reported to the maintenance manager.

  • Delayed updating of maintenance documents

  • Lack of process reliability

  • Unsatisfactory documentation quality

Effortful maintenance processes with paper

From the test phase to the rollout

Early involvement of employees

The operations1 software and functionalities were presented to the maintenance team and the test phase was discussed.

Execution of the test run

A three-month test phase was prepared in collaboration with Operations1 and the first system groups were defined for a three-month test run.

Rollout to entire maintenance

The internal exchange within the maintenance team provided very positive feedback, as a result of which Operations1 was successively rolled out to other system groups.

The digital documentation with Operations1 is very well received by customers and auditors.

Jürgen Mautsch Management Assistant, Schwäbische Härtetechnik Ulm


Maintenance planning and document management is now centralized with the maintenance manager. Maintenance staff can focus entirely on carrying out maintenance and repairs, as maintenance orders and associated digital maintenance checklists are assigned directly in the software.

Whereas it used to take several days for an improvement suggestion to be implemented in the maintenance instructions and made available, this now takes just a few clicks.

Further added value

  • Steigerung der Instandhaltungsqualität

  • Increase in maintenance quality

  • Real-time transparency of maintenance tasks

  • Faster response to occurring problems

  • Reliable prevention of machine downtimes through automated maintenance planning

  • Increased documentation quality and evaluability

Efficient execution of maintenance with digital checklists

Digitize your maintenance with Operations1

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