• -60% Downtime in overseas plants
  • -50% Process deviations
  • 250 000€ savings per site

Operations1 contributes to an improvement in costs and thus also to our competitiveness.

Dr. Alfons Hätscher Chief Financial Officer, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

Status quo

Back in 2018, Hirschvogel faced two main challenges: Long reaction times in maintenance and a high dependency on service providers, resulting in high cost for the enterprise.

Furthermore, the high dependency on individual workers’ knowledge, which constituted an operational risk for the company, cumbersome handling of paper documents, and the complicated proof of performed processes required a fundamental change.

Learn how Hirschvogel saves 250.000 euros anually per site with Operations1


Hirschvogel fully digitized all maintenance processes with Operations1. Maintenance activities can now be carried out by a broader group of people, resulting in shorter response times.

Hirschvogel is also able to track maintenance processes in great detail. This simplifies audits and allows the team to focus more on value-added activities.

Photo documentation with Operations1

Software rollout

Based on the success in maintenance, Hirschvogel decided to roll out the Operations1 software solution in many application areas such as quality control, logistics, shift handover, manufacturing, health and safety, and training.

Operations1 thus became the central platform for employee-driven processes worldwide. In total, over 1,500 Hirschvogel employees work with Operations1.

Hirschvogel location Denklingen uses Operations1


Thanks to the global implementation of Operations1, leading automotive supplier Hirschvogel successfully transformed its formerly fragmented, paper-based process landscape.

Costs for external service providers were reduced by 250,000 € per site, while downtime in international plants dropped by -60%.

Hirschvogel employee uses Operations1

Digitize your maintenance processes with Operations1

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