• +50% Inspection efficiency
  • +80% Time saving
  • -100% Manual effort

Although we are a modern company, we still used to work a lot on paper in quality inspection.

Patrick Sched

The challenge

BWF Profiles responds to individual customer requirements like no other company in the manufacture of plastic products. This means an enormously high number of variants and thus complex quality inspection. Before the introduction of Operations1, BWF Profiles used to work with paper-based inspection instructions and checklists. This led to a high document creation effort as well as to a partially reduced process understanding - a circumstance that Quality Manager Patrick Sched wanted to change.

Pain points of paper-based testing processes

High documentation effort

Creation, revision and archiving enormously time-consuming due to high number of variants (over 9,000 product variants)

Danger of quality risks

Lack of process understanding due to imprecise inspection instructions (no video instructions, ambiguous instructions)

Inefficient inspection processes

Impairment of productivity due to high inspection effort (static inspection intervals, independent of quality history)

The result: process reliability, higher testing efficiency and increased quality

The creation of test instructions is now automated and order-related. Test instructions are created according to variants with just a few clicks in the software. As a result, BWF Profiles saves up to 80% of the time previously required for creating test instructions. Operative employees are guided through the inspection process with comprehensible videos of the customer's installation situation. The result: less rework and scrap production. Inspection efficiency is additionally supported by inspection cycle dynamization. This increases productivity. Up to 50% of the testing effort can be saved through dynamization.

User-friendliness, simple video integration and the ERP integration convinced us.

Patrick Sched Quality Manager

Operations1 compared with other systems

The decision in favor of Operations1 and against other systems was easy for BWF Profiles. In particular, the simple user interface was very positively received by employees.

BWF Profiles Success Story

Download the entire BWF Profiles Success Story.

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