Efficient and smooth production of high-quality products

Use digital checklists to maximize your production efficiency and promote growth: reduce costs and strengthen your documentation on compliance with regulatory requirements.

Digitalized maintenance processes for food production machines

Leading companies rely on Operations1

Knowledge imparted quickly and clearly

Multilingual digital instructions allow employees to be trained more autonomously. Whether safety instructions, Gemba Walks, 6S audits or maintenance: Process knowledge can now be communicated in a multimedia-based, more comprehensible and process- reliable way.

  • Reduce training time by up to -67%

  • Reduction in workload for trainers/mentors

  • Digital proof of training

Secure knowledge with digital work instructions

Reliable production through effective maintenance

Simplify the work of your maintenance teams, reduce costs due to machine downtime and enable autonomous maintenance by machine operators & Co. with the help of easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions.

  • Improving the maintenance quality of machines and systems

  • Increase in maintenance KPIs such as OEE

  • Higher audit security through digital reports

Digital maintenance processes

For a safe and optimized shopfloor

Give your employees a tool with digital audit checklists to document and report observations and findings directly and with little effort through images and videos.

  • Up to -80% effort for internal audits and safety walks

  • Increased occupational safety and employee motivation

  • Quickly adjustable CIP and audit processes

Digital and standardized 6S audits

How other manufacturers leverage potential with Operations1


-60% downtine in international plants and savings of €250,000 per location

Case study

Schwäbische Härtetechnik Ulm

Reduction of machine downtimes through automated maintenance planning

Case study


+11%P OEE after 6 months and -23% mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)

Case study


-67% shorter training time and savings of €2.2 million per year

Case study

The Operations1 software is so easy to understand that it can be used by employees within 10 minutes training.

Walter Wittmann Head of Assembly Line, Krones AG

We are saving €250,000 a year per facility by using Operations1.

Stefan Führer Maintenance Leader, Hirschvogel Automotive

The digital documentation with Operations1 is very well received by customers and auditors.

Jürgen Mautsch Management Assistant, Schwäbische Härtetechnik Ulm

Digital 6S checklists enable a transparent documentation of our findings.

Stephan Wagner Head of Quality and Project Management, BBW Lasertechnik GmbH

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