• -67% Shorter training period
  • 2.2 m€ annual savings
  • 2’000+ Worker use Operations1

With Operations1 we were able to reduce our learning time by 67%.

Steffen Paul Head of Future Projects / REFA, POLIPOL

The challenge

True to the slogan "People & Furniture", POLIPOL's promise of quality is based on the individuality of each furniture item, custom designed according to customer specifications and manufactured at nine Eastern European production sites. The company's high quality and personalized design have been strategic growth drivers, but have also caused a high diversity of the product portfolio, making it difficult to train new employees.

Multiple pain points

Lack of efficiency

Paper-based documentation produced employee-dependent knowledge

High demand for customized products

Annual introduction of 100+ new models made rapid ramp-up difficult

Lack of resilience

Skills shortages and other external conditions have been poorly managed

Ensuring Operational Excellence

To avoid impending quality and productivity losses, POLIPOL successfully relied on Operations1's cloudbased software platform. With the deployment of Operations1, POLIPOL pursued three goals: 1. Increase productivity by efficiently training new employees. 2. Create a higher standard of quality by providing a centralized yet flexible single source of truth for assembly and testing processes, enabling the product's diversity as a strength. 3. Support employee retention, promoting job satisfaction and company growth.

Operations1 as a long-term, scalable solution

Employee satisfaction

Reducing complexity increases loyalty to the company and satisfaction

Efficiency increase

Operational excellence is achieved by eliminating activities that do not add value

Future proof production

Fast training of new employees ensures future-proof production

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