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Even in the age of Industry 4.0, people remain irreplaceable. Due to the worsening shortage of skilled workers and demographic change, incentives are important in order to survive in the "war for talent". Operations1 puts people at the center and relieves them of non-value-adding activities. With the intuitive platform, your employees are optimally supported and new employees are trained easily and quickly.

Satisfied employee works with Operations1

Eliminate complexity

Abandon paperwork or siloed tools and provide your workers one intuitive interface for their daily operations.

  • Intuitive software instead of multiple paper documents, complex interfaces and manual data transfers

  • Intuitive process guidance thanks to media-based and multilingual step-by-step instructions

  • Elimination of system discontinuities through connection to your existing IT systems

Reduce complexity for your employees

Increase flexibility

Distribute tribal knowledge, enable digital collaboration and solve incidents in real time

  • Easy provision of expert knowledge from the cloud via order, search function or QR code

  • Highest process reliability despite flexibilization of activities

  • Collaborative problem solving through traceable live communication

Knowledge is provided to the employee directly from the cloud

Create satisfaction

Provide a frictionless, next-level work experience that raises the commitment and happiness of your teams

  • No more time-consuming search for documents and information

  • Complete focus on value-adding activities

  • Continuous process improvement through the integrated feedback option

Satisfied employee works with Operations1

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Our experts will be happy to advise you personally on how to empower your workers and enable a smooth workflow for your employees on the shopfloor!

User-friendliness, simple video integration and the ERP integration convinced us.

Patrick Sched Quality Manager

With Operations1, we establish living processes and increase process reliability.

Cyril Maurer Head of Production and Test Bench, Soudronic AG

Operations1 convinced me through the simplicity of use and the comprehensive multilingualism.

Thomas Adamek Head of IT & Qualitymanagement, Nabertherm GmbH

You're in good company

Worker-check-sheet- powerful-quality-tool

As a specific form of inspection sheet, the check sheet is an established method for evaluating attributive inspections. The quality control check is based on the number of failures, since no measured values for defective parts are available with the static defect card.

Read here how you can make the way from the excel check sheet to a powerful quality tool.

Moritz Stern

Oct 25, 2021

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Bernd Hausler_Managing Director at ifm

The fear that technology will curtail the frontline worker's job as it develops is widespread. However, if the requirement profile of operational employees shifts more towards conceptual activities in the coming decades, this fear is unfounded.

Bernd Hausler, Managing Director at ifm, the leading supplier of innovative automation technology, takes the clear view in an interview with CEO and Co-Founder Benjamin Brockmann: "For me, people will remain the focal point in production in the future."

Benjamin Brockmann

Jan 11, 2023

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Complete and careful documentation in the outgoing goods department is essential, because it protects you from high costs in the event of unjustified complaints.

Learn how to achieve this with digital checklists and what should definitely be included in your outgoing goods checklists.

Moritz Stern

Oct 26, 2021

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The responsibility for quality is increasingly being transferred to manufacturing departments. Worker self-inspection is an increasingly popular topic. Some experts are supporting it, while others are voicing their concerns.

Moritz Stern

Oct 20, 2021

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In many companies, incoming goods inspections are still pure paperwork. This is not only inefficient, but also harbors high risks. Digital checklists shed light on the black box of incoming goods.

Moritz Stern

Oct 25, 2021

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