The ideal InfoPath alternative: Digital checklists with Operations1

Microsoft is stopping the main support of its InfoPath program on 31.07.2021. This is a great challenge for many industrial companies that have used MS InfoPath in their production for checklists, test protocols, forms and other work aids. But the InfoPath alternative with features tailored to the needs of industry leaders is already available: Operations1!

Werker mit Tablet

Needs-based features for industrial requirements

Especially for industrial users, the termination of the MS InfoPath support can offer a real opportunity to digitize their checklists. Despite all conveniences, the use of the Office application InfoPath was marked by some impracticalities. Media breaks and process gaps, blindspots in programming and missing expandability and maintainability are only the obvious weaknesses here. Operations1 is the future proof and intelligent solution. It combines advantages of MS InfoPath with a versatile range of functions for specific requirements of industrial companies.

Various interactions

Work predefined answers into checklists and allow Single- or Multiple-Choice. In your checklist you keep records for each individual work step.

Deposited units

Combine value- and target-performance-queries with all common units (mm, °C, Ω) to create meaningful evaluations for your digital checklists.