The ideal InfoPath alternative: Digital checklists with Operations1

Microsoft is stopping the main support of its InfoPath program on 31.07.2021. This is a great challenge for many industrial companies that have used MS InfoPath in their production for checklists, test protocols, forms and other work aids. But the InfoPath alternative with features tailored to the needs of industry leaders is already available: Operations1!

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Needs-based features for industrial requirements

Especially for industrial users, the termination of the MS InfoPath support can offer a real opportunity to digitize their checklists. Despite all conveniences, the use of the Office application InfoPath was marked by some impracticalities. Media breaks and process gaps, blindspots in programming and missing expandability and maintainability are only the obvious weaknesses here. Operations1 is the future proof and intelligent solution. It combines advantages of MS InfoPath with a versatile range of functions for specific requirements of industrial companies.

Various interactions

Work predefined answers into checklists and allow Single- or Multiple-Choice. In your checklist you keep records for each individual work step.

Deposited units

Combine value- and target-performance-queries with all common units (mm, °C, Ω) to create meaningful evaluations for your digital checklists.

Image analysis

In Operations1 you can collect and evaluate error images and videos of findings and thus you enrich statistic analyses with image and video material from the shopfloor.

Operations1 creates advantages for the shopfloor

No-code creation

With Operations1 you create and update your documents with the no-code-principle faster compared to InfoPath. Using drag & drop, you create checklists with just a few clicks and can make them available to your employees digitally by using the order function.

Save time

On site, your operational staff will save enormous amounts of time through the digital provision of documents, dynamic process guidance, support through images and videos and through automatic report generation. This allows your employees to concentrate on the main activities.

Easy MS InfoPath transfer

Content from MS InfoPath can be transfered to Operations1 very easily. The automatic migration of JSON or XML files makes the switch from InfoPath to Operations1 very easy.

Further functionalities of the software

  • Change notifications Employees receive change notifications in checklists before they start the process. Ask your employees for a personal signature

  • Versioning Your documents keep their specific ID throughout versioning. This allows a consistent analysis

  • Language Use your documents in all common languages. You can collaborate simultaneously in several languages on one checklist

  • Images & videos Organize and edit images in a central place. This way you ensure a single point of truth

  • Monitoring of the progress Keep an eye on the status of your tasks in a well-organized dashboard and react specifically and quickly to new incidents

  • Work offline You can also use the software offline. As soon as you are connected to the internet again, you can upload your work reports

  • Scalable organisation Use structure classes for your teams, locations or machines. This allows you to easily organize your documents

  • Modular checklists Create templates for checklists and use them as reusable modules. This way you save an enormous amount of time

  • Orders & rules Schedule recurring tasks and rules on an employee-specific basis. Ensure that all assignments are completed

  • Analytics Visualize your statistics easily and increase the significance with pictures and videos taken on site

  • Variant configurator Automate the creation of variant-rich documentation. This saves you time and brings additional security

  • Task management Create individual tasks, assign them to staff and track progress. React more quickly to incidents

Operations1 contributes to an improvement in costs and thus also to our competitiveness.

Dr. Alfons Hätscher Chief Financial Officer, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

We started using Operations1 based on one use case. The possibilities for further use cases are just exploding.

Eckhard Böker Head of Production & Supply Chain, Brückner Maschinenbau

The simplicity of the solution convinced me right from the start.

Thomas Adamek Head of IT & Qualitymanagement, Nabertherm GmbH

Every company can benefit from Operations1: from assembly instructions to quality checks.

Georg Glasewald Head of Production, Yuanda Robotics

Simply start, benefit immediately

Work with Operations1 too. In an initial kick-off meeting, we develop a target image for the documentation in your company and plan the next steps together. Simply fill out the contact form on the right. We will then contact you with a proposed date and time.

On the basis of an individual live demo we can introduce you to the software and the functionalities that are particularly relevant to you.

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