Reporting and Link Sharing - efficient use and sharing of complete documentation of operational activities

Efficient use and sharing of complete documentation

Increased verification capability, digital and transparent

Reduce unnecessary archiving, reporting and research work and establish a fully documented, customer-compliant and audit-proof reporting system.

This reduces non-value-adding activities, increases the quality of your documentation and strengthens your ability to provide evidence to customers and external partners.

Customer-compliant and audit-proof reporting

Low documentation quality with high effort

Paper-based documentation processes involve a high level of non-value-adding activities for you and your employees: Manually scanning of test documents, typing values into Excel spreadsheets or manually saving images on network drives. However, in addition to low documentation quality and difficult traceability, paper also has other disadvantages:

  • Incomplete reporting in paper-based processes

  • Avoidable material and space costs for analog archives

  • Time-consuming research with paper-based archiving

  • Difficult sharing of reports

High manual effort with paper-based documentation

Complete documentation

With the help of automatically generated reports, you can record all process-relevant information that arises in the operational process.

  • Reports are generated automatically from the start

  • Seamless documentation of customer orders

  • Increased verification towards customers, auditors, etc.

Automatically generated reports

Efficient use of reports

Have your report data where you need it. The report export provides you with many options:

  • Simple research thanks to filter functions

  • Export your reports as PDF, CSV, XLSX

  • Use of report data for analytics tools

Efficient use of digital reports

The easiest way to share reports

The Report Link Sharing feature allows you to easily share reports via a link with people without an Operations1 account.

  • Easy sharing of reports via link

  • Sharing reports with customers, auditors, suppliers, partners, colleagues, etc.

  • Live view of operational activities in shared reports

Sharing digital reports via a link

Say goodbye to MS Office & paper

Contact us now and take the first step towards digitizing your employee-led processes with us.

Thanks to Operations1, test results can now be viewed quickly and are transparent.

Stephan Wagner Head of Quality and Project Management, BBW Lasertechnik GmbH

Digital test protocols give us 100% transparency for efficient verification.

Phillip Duwe Quality Engineer, KraussMaffei

By directly documenting the components' serial numbers in the digital checklists, we obtain complete traceability.

Patrick Kofler Quality Management, Hans Hundegger AG

Digital photo documentation gives us the decisive evidential power in the event of warranty claims.

Alexander Kunert Head of Quality Assurance, MCRT GmbH

Our data quality for statistical evaluations has been raised to a whole new level.

David Berghold Head of Quality Assurance, Tyromotion GmbH

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