The Connected Worker Platform from Operations1

With the Connected Worker platform, you digitalize your processes end-to-end: From securing knowledge, to easy planning and intuitive execution of processes, to analysis and problem resolution. Learn more about the core modules of our platform below.

Easy creation and organization of knowledge

  • Efficient creation of documents with drag & drop and modular building blocks

  • Creation of process standards through global organization of documents

  • Document always up-to-date through digital release process

Intuitive dashboards for your employees

  • All tasks at a glance through a structured and intuitive dashboard

  • Quick access to the most important documents

  • High transparency through easy traceability of executed reports

Capture and analyse results

  • Systematic analysis of results by evaluating return values and error patterns

  • Evaluation and comparison of process information and failed reports

  • Continuous improvement through data-driven insights

Make sure that jobs get done well

  • Complete overview of all open tasks

  • 100% transparency through real-time information on status

  • Focus on the important tasks by defining priorities

  • +21% higher productivity
  • -95% effort for documentation
  • -55% fewer errors in execution

Why a Connected Worker Platform?

The goal of a Connected Worker platform is to take a holistic view of employee empowerment and operational excellence. Below are six reasons why you should choose a Connected Worker platform over unit-specific solutions.

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