Rethinking inspections, SOPs and checks with Operations1

Documents such as work instructions, checklists and inspection records represent the foundation for operational processes. With Operations1, you transfer these documents into the digital world and benefit from comprehensive functionalities.

Eliminate paper from the shopfloor

Simultaneously work together in an interactive checklist or instruction and react to unforeseen incidents immediately.

  • Image and video based digital checklists and instructions

  • Simultaneous collaboration in one document

  • Separate task management for incidents

Updating documents has never been easier

Industrial companies invest a huge amount of effort in providing work instructions and checklists using conventional word processing programs. Let’s put an end to this.

  • Editing by Drag & Drop

  • Version control and digital release

  • Change notifications

Manage and analyze your activities

Digital documentation increases transparency and enables simple, intelligent evaluations, fully integrated into your system landscape.

  • Plan the process, monitor the progress

  • Intelligent analytics

  • Automatic reports in several languages

One process standard across your sites and countries


Use multilingual instructions in all common languages even at the same time

Central library

Store certain media and process modules centrally to always rely on one point of truth

Your master data structures

Map your data structure from the ERP and synchronize data in real time

Success Story Brückner

As the world market and quality leader, Brückner manufactures machines and systems on which plastic films are produced.

Watch the video to see how Brückner uses Operations1 not only to document plants holistically, but also to benefit from decisive simplifications in quality testing.

For all industrial and service-oriented companies