What is maintenance management?

Maintenance management is the planning, monitoring and control of the maintenance, repair and overhaul of plant, equipment and buildings to ensure that they can be used without restriction. The goal of maintenance management is to preserve the value of plant and equipment, extend service life, and optimize operations to save costs and improve efficiency.

What does maintenance management involve?

According to the DIN EN 13306 standard, maintenance management comprises "all management activities that determine the requirements, objectives, strategies and responsibilities as well as the implementation of maintenance and realize them through measures such as maintenance planning, control and the improvement of maintenance activities and their cost-effectiveness".

What are the basic measures of maintenance?

  1. Maintenance Regular cleaning, inspection and lubrication to reduce wear and maintain target condition.

  2. Inspection Regular recording of the actual condition to identify wear and find the cause

  3. Reconditioning Replacement and repair of equipment or machinery to restore the target condition

  4. Improvement All measures that increase plant availability and reduce unplanned downtime

What are the goals of maintenance management?

  1. Reduction of downtime

  2. Increase of plant availability

  3. Reduction of repair costs

  4. Improvement of occupational safety

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