What is the House of Quality?

The House of Quality (HoQ) is a matrix diagram used in Quality Function Deployment (QFD). With the help of the House of Quality, customer requirements can be analyzed in order to develop products and services that meet these requirements. In addition, the necessary processes and technologies required for development and production are planned.

What are the advantages of the House of Quality?

  1. Product development based on customer requirements

  2. Increase customer satisfaction

  3. Increasing customer loyalty

Was ist Quality Function Deployment (QFD)?

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a process for quality assurance of products and services. The goal of QFD is to increase customer satisfaction by incorporating customer needs into the production process to meet customer requirements. Various matrices are used in QFD, with the House of Quality being the first matrix.

QFD is a process that is usually divided into four phases:

  1. Product Definition Determination and analysis of customer needs.

  2. Product Development Determination of product characteristics

  3. Process Development Development of production and assembly processes

  4. Process Quality Control Product quality testing

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