What is condition-based maintenance?

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) involves monitoring the condition of a plant or machine in order to detect problems or faults at an early stage and carry out targeted maintenance or repair work. Monitoring can be carried out, for example, by using measuring devices or sensors that provide information about the current condition.

What is the goal of condition-based maintenance?

By regularly monitoring and checking the condition of plant and machinery, faults can be detected and rectified at an early stage to prevent imminent downtime. Machine availability can also be increased with the help of condition-based maintenance and the avoidance of unplanned downtime.

What are the advantages of condition-based maintenance?

  • Reduction of maintenance costs

  • Reduction of downtimes

  • Increase of maintenance-free running time

  • Increase of plant safety

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Early detection of malfunctions

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