Current Operations1 study shows: Connected Work is establishing on the shopfloor

Connected Work is not a single phenomenon

In November 2022, Operations1 conducted a survey on Connected Work. The study examined how Connected Work is currently practiced in the industry, what the future of Connected Work looks like, and how to get there in concrete terms. For this purpose, 175 specialists from the production environment in the DACH region were surveyed. Among the many interesting findings, one in particular stands out: although Connected Work is not yet mainstream, it is becoming increasingly important among manufacturing companies.

Connected Work Study 2023

The 4 key insights of the Connected Work study

For some time now, the manufacturing industry has been undergoing a transformation. The ubiquitous hyperconnectivity between people and mobile apps, wearables & co. is increasingly reaching frontline employees in manufacturing companies. Under the buzzword "Connected Work," they too are expected to benefit from full digital interconnectivity with their work environment. Our Connected Work Study shows that Connected Work is making its way onto the shopfloor.

4 findings are of particular importance to the industry:

  1. Connected Work is not yet an established mass phenomenon, but around 70% of participants see it as a future field and 21% have already created a specialized role for it in their company.

  2. The field of activity of operational employees will change significantly in the next 20 years: From standard to non-standard activities. At the same time, this will entail a rethinking of how employees can be supported digitally in the best possible way in the future.

  3. In the target picture, the study participants see mobile apps as leading technologies for empowering employees. According to the respondents, the greatest potential of Connected Work lies in productivity increases, easier document creation and updating, securing process knowledge, and shortening response times for problem resolution.

  4. When implementing Connected Work, it is essential to take a systematic approach that involves operational employees in a far-sighted manner. The key success factor here is good communication.

Connected Work Study 2023

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