Increasing connectivity of workers

For a long time, operational employees in production, logistics and other production-related support processes were neglected in the digitalisation process. In recent years, however, there has been a growing trend to equip "deskless" employees with digital technologies and to better connect them within the organisation. The digital, seamless integration of operational employees into company processes can be described as Connected Work.

Study on Connected Work in the Manufacturing Industry

Comprehensive survey on Connected Work

In our survey on Connected Work, we investigate how Connected Work is currently lived in the industry, what the future of Connected Work looks like and how the path to it will concretely succeed.

Among many other things, we would like to evaluate how the role of the worker will be seen in the next few years in different industries, which technologies will be used in the future to support the operative employee, and whether Connected Work is seen as a future field.

Take part in our eight-minute German-language survey and do the self-test to see where you stand compared to others in the industry:

We will be happy to send you the results of the survey after evaluation at the end of January 2023.