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Press release 09/29/2022

New Whitepaper "Work Instruction 4.0"

What may sound strange to knowledge workers in the "New Work" is an indispensable part of everyday work in industry: work instructions! The new whitepaper from Operations1 "Work Instruction 4.0." provides information on smart, digital, interactive and integrated options for redefining work instructions. The individual work steps are no longer only presented in text form, but interactively, image- and video-based. The documentation is so natively integrated into the processes that its effort can be reduced by 95% and work efficiency and satisfaction can be increased accordingly. "Work Instruction 4.0" builds a transparent and comprehensible bridge from the order to process execution to progress monitoring and incident management.

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Despite Industry 4.0, many companies still use paper-based process documentation

Although the industry has long since identified the potential of digitalization, many companies still rely on paper-based process documentation in 2022. However, analogue documentation means immense effort in the creation, provision, use and updating of documents. But static digital documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even ERP systems often have the opposite effect of what was intended: they only increase complexity and lead to a multitude of operational problems such as additional work, version chaos or a lack of transparency in work processes. A supposedly simple tool, the digital work instruction, can help maintain or increase the competitiveness of industrial companies. Only companies that are digitally clever in meeting current and future challenges can successfully survive the increasing shortage of skilled workers due to the impending retirement wave of the baby boomer generation, the accompanying battle for young talent and the constantly growing operational complexity.

With the help of the Connected Worker Platform, Operations1 supports industrial companies in mastering existing challenges: With the "Work Instruction 4.0", safe process execution is achieved thanks to media-based and multilingual step-by-step instructions. These are consistently integrated with the existing shopfloor IT and enable the storage of procedural knowledge in the cloud. To name just one of many results, training times for new employees or changed responsibilities can be shortened enormously. In addition, inexperienced employees are given the chance to reliably carry out complex processes.

Plant employees who carry out their work using Work Instruction 4.0 report enormous simplifications in process execution: explanatory visual elements such as pictures with markings, videos and various other elements are integrated into the interactive instructions, making the former "reading material" much more catchy and easier to understand. In addition, Work Instruction 4.0 defines access rights and makes relevant documents available only to those employees who actually need this information by means of a simplified digital approval process.

Download the Work Instruction 4.0 and benefit from a lot of valuable information.

Benjamin Brockmann

Co-Founder & CEO

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