cioplenu is now Operations1

Press release 11/23/2021

The rebranding involves much more than a new name

Over the past few weeks, Benjamin Brockmann, CEO of cioplenu GmbH, and his team of about 40 have been working passionately to achieve this goal, creating the new Operations1 brand that embodies the company's values, performance promises and ambitions.

The rebranding involves much more than a new name for the software. In the future, the team will see itself as Operations1 and will present itself as such both externally and internally. The design has been branded consistently across all channels, and a comprehensive hiring initiative has been launched to further build the team and continue to support customers with great software and excellent service. The goal here is to roughly double the size of the team over the next year.

Not affected by the rebranding is the company name. All legal agreements remain in place. The company will continue to operate under the name cioplenu GmbH.

The growing range of applications and increasing internationalization prompted the decision to rebrand. The rebranding should clearly embody the vision of the startup to support operational employees worldwide in their daily work. After all, the software is now used in over 15 countries and is used in application areas such as quality inspection, maintenance, assembly operations, manufacturing processes or audits.

Benjamin Brockmann reports what he personally likes best about the rebranding: "First, the absolutely clear message behind Operations1. We support all teams in the operations of companies. And on the other hand, the clear, great new design, which runs through our company, through the external presentation and the software."

The name Operations1 consists of two terms. On the one hand, Operations1 carries the name of the target group, the operational employees, for whom the software is continuously developed on a daily basis. On the other hand, the number 1 symbolizes the holistic approach of building a software category that adapts to the needs of the employees, provides information precisely and connects the organization.

The Operations1 brand stands for innovation, initiative, team spirit and customer focus. These principles form the basis for the new design and play a key role in defining the brand essence.