Let the POLIPOL success story convince you

See why POLIPOL chose Operations1, what the challenges were and how they were overcome.


Prior to 2017, POLIPOL's way of working was characterized by unergonomic paper-based documentation in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, intransparency of processes and employee-dependent knowledge.

An ERP system was in use, but could not provide the information content at the branch level that was required for individual employees to execute the processes.


With the introduction of Operations1, POLIPOL wanted to increase productivity on the shopfloor by effectively training new employees and thus enabling them to work productively more quickly.

A new and ergonomic working environment was also intended to increase employee satisfaction in order to increase employee loyalty and to be able to grow further.


Through the introduction of Operations1, POLIPOL has recorded annual savings of €2.2 million, as new employees need significantly less time to work productively. Overall, training time was reduced by -67%.

The ergonomic working environment and the user-friendliness of the platform increased employee satisfaction and productivity, which led to an increase in the quality of work.

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