Operations1 templates for your processes

At the heart of Adaptive Process Execution (APE) is the context-based and interactive document for your employees. APE is widely applicable across departmental boundaries and document types. This exemplary selection of adaptive templates gives an insight of the application breadth. The templates can be adapted to your use case on site simply via drag & drop, newly created or imported based on your documents.

Documentation templates for use cases

1. Quality inspection

Complex and paper-based checklists, inspection plans and protocols are a thing of the past. With the Operations1 cloud software, you provide your employees with intuitive software that makes any inspection process simple, efficient and insightful.

Inspection report

With the template for inspection reports, you can lift inspection processes to a new technological level.

  • Serial numbers Scan serial numbers via barcode scanner and insert them digitally into the inspection reports

  • Batch testing Use conditions to perform checks based on batch or sample size

  • Meta data Add order data or other metadata via interfaces from ERP systems or MES

  • Conditional logics Combine target-actual queries with if-then conditions for individual test logics

Goods receipt

Provide your employees with the optimal digital companion to check incoming goods. You can document any visual anomalies via image and video feedback.

  • Conditional processes Incorporate if-then conditions to respond to input dynamically

  • Hardware connection Integrate external hardware such as scales or thermometers into checklists in real time

  • Enter findings Describe and quantify errors digitally in the checklist, making them evaluable in real time

  • Image feedback Batch defects can be recorded directly with image and video feedback function

Let’s talk about your specific use case. 

2. Maintenance

Empower your workforce with image- and video-based maintenance checklists. Perform your maintenance planning intelligently, provide maintenance knowledge paperless and in real time and set global process standards. Connect Operations1 with your existing systems such as ERP and MES if required.


Enable your employees to document maintenance activities digitally and to record and process measured values and incident images in real time.

  • Sensor data Read out sensor data in real time from machines and third-party systems into the checklist

  • Image feedback analysis Evaluate images feedback from incidents in Operations1 or in external tools

  • Multiple choice Work predefined answers into checklists and allow single or multiple choice

  • Units Combine value queries and target-actual queries with units (mm, °C, Ω) to meaningful analyses

Shift handover

Conduct shift handovers digitally in real time. Multiple-choice interactions, text entry, and photographs ensure that all information is recorded and transferred.

  • Signature Confirm the shift handover directly on the tablet or smartphone via digital signature

  • Connectivity All entered information and checkpoints are transferred in real time to third party systems

  • Image feedback Discrepancies, errors and incidents are documented digitally

  • Open tasks Tasks are created, prioritized, assigned, and tracked in Operations1

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3. Production

Using image and video-based assembly instructions, your employees deliver highest quality and efficiency regardless of location, language or qualifications. Integrated checkpoints and media return make worker self-testing digitally evaluable.

Assembly instruction

With the assembly instructions template, you can explain work steps in a comprehensible way, regardless of the language and qualifications of the employees.

  • Video explanation Videos show your employees complex work steps in a simple and language-independent way

  • Material & equipment Material lists and tools can be dynamically incorporated into checklists

  • Acknowledge With the help of barcode reader and QR scanner serial numbers can be acknowledged

  • Training Use created instructions additionally for training and education of your employees

Device history record

With the template for DHR you can standardize the traceability of your products in the manufacturing process and eliminate manual errors.

  • Interaction history View all the historical entries made for a product in the reports section of the software

  • Tagging Each interaction or metadata field can be identified with tags and thus evaluated in a structured manner

  • Master data Link DHR blocks directly to master data from your ERP

  • Barcode scanner Scan products and materials directly into the DHR log and avoid manual transmission errors

4. Safety

Compliance with environmental, safety and health standards can only be maintained through easy-to-understand guidance and continuous audits. With Operations1, you make this happen. Company-wide and in only a few weeks time.

Smart Instruction

Use Work Instructions templates to optimally describe processes across shop-floor. Go one step further and create your instructions based on variants.

  • Markings Add markers, icons and characters to increase intuitive comprehension

  • Variants Characteristics of product and process variants can be dynamically included in templates

  • Links Integrate checklists or instructions for reference as well as external content simply via link

  • Incident management Unforeseen incidents can be created and processed as tasks on each template

HSSE checklist

With HSSE templates, you establish a corporate standard to facilitate processes and procedures to ensure protection in your employees’ work environment.

  • Highlight Use icons and symbols to highlight important passages in particular

  • Scoring With the help of “tags”, risk assessments can be analyzed and evaluated

  • Risk matrix Incorporate individual risk criterias into the instructions

  • Safety instructions Integrate standard safety instructions into the steps of process instructions

Let’s talk about your specific use case. 

5. Service

Prevent duplication of effort and complexity. Replace paper-based service logs, retrospective digitization, and complex manuals with digital image- and video-based instructions and automatically generated logs.

Service checklist

With the service checklist template, you connect checklists and protocols and can communicate in real time with your frontline workers.

  • Mobile Use checklists and protocols in service on tablets, smartphones and laptops

  • Communication Communicate directly from the checklist via the messaging module

  • Offline The checklists can be executed offline on mobile devices and laptops

  • Incident management Create incidents as a task in the checklist and share them internally and externally

Acceptance protocol

With the acceptance protocol template, you can use mobile logs in teams. Add images and videos of completed work packages or incidents that have occurred to the logs.

  • Image and video Use images and videos to document progress or record incidents

  • Customer acceptance Send digital acceptance reports to your customers or suppliers for confirmation

  • Monitoring See in real time which acceptances are in process, completed or defective

  • Incident Management Create incidents as a task in the checklist and share them internally and externally

Which template is particularly relevant for you?

Have you discovered a template that is particularly relevant to you? Let’s talk about your specific use case. Let us know your goals and we’ll get back to you right away!