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In this compact video, you will get an overview of the functionalities of Operations1. With image- and video-based work instructions, you can simplify every process for your operational staff. In addition, you relieve your industrial engineering, increase your process reliability and meet the highest traceability requirements.

  • 100% Traceability

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  • Creation and organization of digital work instructions and SOPs

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We aim to empower the front line workers and help companies to capture the benefits of digitization.

Benjamin Brockmann CEO, Operations1

Our value proposition

Ever since we founded the company, it is our ambition to fundamentally change the way operational processes are conducted. On the one hand, we aim to bring human centricity into shopfloor by making processes more intuitive. On the other hand, we want to enable enterprises to benefit from shopfloor digitization quick und sustainably, by providing a software that is highly flexible and structurally advanced in order to capture on-the-spot insights and derive the right conclusions in no time.

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