Production-related support processes. 100% digital.

With digital checklists and process instructions, you can simplify any support process in the Operations1 software through an intuitive interface for your employees, automatic report generation and comprehensive traceability of findings. This way, you know about the process progress at any time, can solve incidents collaboratively and use results to improve your support processes.

  • 100% Usability for your employees
  • -95% effort for documentation
  • +21% higher productivity

Why software for support processes?

The amount of documentation required for process sheets and checklists during production is often so high that the creation, provision and evaluation of these documents requires several full-time positions. At the same time, there is little transparency to systematically evaluate activities, findings and incidents. The Operations1 software makes all employee-led processes intuitively feasible and systematically evaluable. Instead of distributed, poorly standardized MS Office documents, all plant tours, audits, cleaning procedures, instructions, shift handovers and many more can be performed and documented directly in a scalable software solution.

Central functionalities

With Operations1, you eliminate any paper in your production-related support processes. All checklists and process instructions can be created simply by drag & drop and released digitally. Your operational staff will always receive the latest version of your documents on the device of your choice thanks to the cloud approach. The document can be accessed via search function, QR code scan or through an order link. Generated data points as well as information on process progress are made evaluable in a central overview. This ensures that all processes are carried out, incidents are resolved and the collected data is used for continuous improvement.

Image and video

Use images and videos to make processes intuitively understandable regardless of employee qualifications and language.


Use checklists and process instructions mobile on tablets, smartphones and laptops for any walk-throughs and audits.

Safety instructions

Increase work safety by integrating typical safety instructions before starting an interactive process instruction.


Add markers, icons, and characters to increase the intuitive comprehensibility of digital documents.

Error Images

Incidents and findings can be digitally documented and analyzed across any number of process runs.

Use test logics

Use individual test logics. This guides your employees intuitively and efficiently through the process.

Signature Field

Confirm the execution of your processes directly on the tablet or smartphone via digital signature.


Unforeseen incidents can be created, tracked and processed as tasks on any checklist or instruction.

Wide range of applications

With Operations1 you can create your checklists and process instructions in no time and scale them company-wide. Whether it’s a cleaning checklist, shift handover protocol, HSSE checklist, fire safety inspection, plant tour, plant audit, safety briefing or process sheet. Benefit from an intuitive interface for your employees across all production-related support processes.

Cleaning checklist

Ensure that cleaning activities have been properly performed and document any irregularities.

Shift handover

All relevant shift handover information in one place. Document using images, videos and text elements and make your shift handover digital, easy to understand and evaluate.

Fire protection

Review your fire safety standards on a regular or ad-hoc basis and document any findings via image, video or text entry.

Plant tour

Check work standards during your plant tour using your specially configured digital checklists.

Factory audit

Plan your plant audits and walk-throughs, conduct them with digital checklists, and analyze the results.

HSSE Checklist

Ensure your health, safety, security and environmental standards with one simple solution for all operational employees.


Check your safety standards and document any finding in an easy way.

5S Audit

Easily perform your 5S audits and make results transparent in real time.

Risk assessment

Classify hazards, report them, and propose countermeasures in real time.

Do you employ external personnel?

No problem. Many manufacturing companies use external personnel for facility management tasks such as cleaning activities. With Operations1, you can create external users, track process progress via live monitoring and have comprehensive transparency on findings.

Simply start, benefit immediately

Work with Operations1 too. In an initial kick-off meeting, we develop a target image for the documentation in your company and plan the next steps together. Simply fill out the contact form on the right. We will then contact you with a proposed date and time.

On the basis of an individual live demo we can introduce you to the software and the functionalities that are particularly relevant to you.

Operations1 contributes to an improvement in costs and thus also to our competitiveness.

Dr. Alfons Hätscher Chief Financial Officer, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

We started using Operations1 based on one use case. The possibilities for further use cases are just exploding.

Eckhard Böker Head of Production & Supply Chain, Brückner Maschinenbau

The simplicity of the solution convinced me right from the start.

Thomas Adamek Head of IT & Qualitymanagement, Nabertherm GmbH

Every company can benefit from Operations1: from assembly instructions to quality checks.

Georg Glasewald Head of Production, Yuanda Robotics

You are in good company