Production-related support processes. 100% digital.

With digital checklists and process instructions, you can simplify any support process in the Operations1 software through an intuitive interface for your employees, automatic report generation and comprehensive traceability of findings. This way, you know about the process progress at any time, can solve incidents collaboratively and use results to improve your support processes.

Worker with Tablet
  • 100% Usability for your employees
  • -95% effort for documentation
  • +21% higher productivity

Why software for support processes?

The amount of documentation required for process sheets and checklists during production is often so high that the creation, provision and evaluation of these documents requires several full-time positions. At the same time, there is little transparency to systematically evaluate activities, findings and incidents. The Operations1 software makes all employee-led processes intuitively feasible and systematically evaluable. Instead of distributed, poorly standardized MS Office documents, all plant tours, audits, cleaning procedures, instructions, shift handovers and many more can be performed and documented directly in a scalable software solution.