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Optimize in the right areas

Unnecessary activities

Inconsistently digitalized processes lead to media disruptions and thus to additional work for your employees.

Lack of process standards

Non-adherence to prescribed work steps often results in rework, scrap and additional costs.

Inflexible CIP

MS Office-based processes take a long time to take effect in production.

Full focus on value creation

Give your employees the opportunity to use their valuable time as efficiently and productively as possible by optimizing the provision of information.

  • Shorter training time for employees

  • Reduction of search, documentation and archiving efforts

  • Increase in employee productivity

Plastics professional BWF with Operations1 software in use

Increased quality through process reliability

Increase the first-time-right rate on the shopfloor with easy-to-understand and standardized processes.

  • Increasing process reliability

  • Strengthening the quality standard

  • Cost reduction in rework and scrap

Quality control with Operations1

More success through flexible improvement

Increase the speed of process improvement by quickly adapting and providing process documentation.

  • Flexible data- and employee-supported CIP

  • Fast and effective roll-out of improvements

  • Increased employee motivation and satisfaction

Polipol employees use Operations1

We were able to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by 11%P in the first six months.

Jacob Reid Head Engineering, Oetiker Group

Through Operations1 we save over € 180,000 per year.

Cyril Maurer Head of Production and Test Bench, Soudronic AG

We are saving €250,000 a year per facility by using Operations1.

Stefan Führer Maintenance Leader, Hirschvogel Automotive

The reduction in training times by 67% with Operations1 results in annual savings of over € 2.2 million.

Steffen Paul Head of Future Projects / REFA, POLIPOL

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