Operations1 compared with typical form and app builders

Are you looking for a software to digitally map your inspection processes and SOPs? The spectrum of solutions is wide. We will show you what advantages Operations1 has over typical form builder and app builder software.

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Form Builder and App Builder Software

Form and app builders are suitable for implementing simple use cases in a decentralized manner. Process steps and interaction values can be defined using a modular principle. If you want to digitize simple forms, such solutions are a good approach.


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Inspection report

With the template for inspection reports, you can lift inspection processes to a new technological level.

Goods receipt

Provide your employees with the optimal digital companion to check incoming goods. You can document any visual anomalies via image and video feedback.


Enable your employees to document maintenance activities digitally and to record and process measured values and incident images in real time.

Shift handover

Conduct shift handovers digitally in real time. Multiple-choice interactions, text entry, and photographs ensure that all information is recorded and transferred.

Assembly instruction

With the assembly instructions template, you can explain work steps in a comprehensible way, regardless of the language and qualifications of the employees.

Device history record

With the template for DHR you can standardize the traceability of your products in the manufacturing process and eliminate manual errors.

Smart Instruction

Use Work Instructions templates to optimally describe processes across shop-floor. Go one step further and create your instructions based on variants.

HSSE checklist

With HSSE templates, you establish a corporate standard to facilitate processes and procedures to ensure protection in your employees’ work environment.

Service checklist

With the service checklist template, you connect checklists and protocols and can communicate in real time with your frontline workers.

Acceptance protocol

With the acceptance protocol template, you can use mobile logs in teams. Add images and videos of completed work packages or incidents that have occurred to the logs.

5S Audit

Easily perform your 5S audits and make results transparent in real time.


Check your safety standards and document any finding in an easy way.

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