Knowledge management and training: Centrally secured, easy distribution

Manufacturing companies are increasingly confronted with a shortage of skilled workers and demographic change. Especially when experienced employees leave, valuable knowledge can be lost that makes an important contribution to the company's competitive advantage. This makes it all the more important to secure in-house know-how centrally and make it available to your own employees in the simplest possible way.

With Operations1, you can digitize your process knowledge centrally in digital work instructions and checklists and make it available intuitively.

Market leaders rely on Operations1 in knowledge management & training

  • -50% Effort document handling
  • -67% Training time
  • +21% Higher productivity

Digital knowledge management and employee training

To ensure that the valuable knowledge of experienced employees is not lost when the company leaves, it is all the more important to save this process knowledge centrally. Using drag & drop interaction functionalities and media, you can easily create easy-to-understand media-supported instructions using a modular principle and organize them with the help of structure classes.

In addition, intuitive checklists enable new employees to easily learn specialized knowledge step by step, to work process-safely as well as efficiently, to become productive faster as well as to increase flexibility. In this way, you not only achieve fast onboarding, but also increase the motivation and satisfaction of your new and long-term employees.

Work instruction

Image and video-based instructions for manufacturing and assembly. Establish processes through the flexible design.

  • Create without any code Create easy to understand instructions via drag & drop and embed images and videos

  • Perform processes reliably Deliver highest quality worldwide using multilingual software and work instructions

  • Digital training for employees Based on digital assembly instructions, employees can be trained more efficiently

Mobile use

Digital checklists and maintenance instructions instead of complex machine manuals and paper-based checklists.

  • Perform processes reliably Navigate through interactive checklists in all languages and sign digitally after completion

  • Record and report findings Capture image and video feedback on the spot and report in real-time

  • Create and assign tasks Create, assign and collaboratively solve individual tasks in case of incidents

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  • Creation and organization of documents

  • Use of Operations1 in production

  • Planning of activities

  • Transparency & continuous improvement

Digital knowledge management: 6 reasons for Operations1

Why do leading companies choose digital knowledge management & employee training for Operations1?

Intuitive platform

By making the platform easy to use, they ensure high usage and a quick return on investment.

Strong industry expertise

Leading companies use Operations1 for knowledge management and trianing. Benefit from our expertise.


Operations1 is continuously being further developed in a software-as-a-service approach. In addition, you benefit from a relief of your IT.

Wide range of functionalities

Draw from the wide range of functionality of our software. The demo video gives you a first insight.

Scalable across the enterprise

Use Operations1 in all common languages, centralize and standardize content and always keep an overview.

Ambitious team

Our team is there for you. We offer excellent and personal service and accompany you during the implementation.

Easy-to-understand video instructions have reduced the learning time by 45%.

Stephan Wagner Head of Quality and Project Management, BBW Lasertechnik GmbH

Time-consuming document creation is a thing of the past.

David Berghold Head of Quality Assurance, Tyromotion GmbH

We were able to reduce the training time by 40% and notice a more autonomous work of the employees.

Alexander Kunert Head of Quality Assurance, MCRT GmbH

Paper checklists are simply no longer up to date. They simply do not fit into the 21st century.

Dr. Alfons Hätscher Chief Financial Officer, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

Digitalisation in production is an essential employer branding strategy for us.

Cyril Maurer Head of Production and Test Bench, Soudronic AG

Our employees are more satisfied and motivated because they work with state-of-the-art technology.

Alexander Kundert Head of Quality Assurance, MCRT GmbH

Summary: Knowledge management and training with Operations1

The central management and provision of documents such as work instructions etc. is a high effort - especially if documents are to be made available globally in a standardized manner for several plants. With Operations1 you benefit by:

  • Easy creation of digital multilingual work instructions

  • Automatic versioning and central provision

  • Reducing the training time for new employees

  • Faster achieving of the target productivity and autonomy of the employees

  • Higher employee satisfaction and strengthening of the employer brand