Task and incident management - Solve problems quickly and collaboratively

Problems solved and solutions sustainably secured

Improve task management by administrating tasks centrally, fostering connected work and being able to track problem solutions with complete documentation.

This not only increases your current operational excellence, but also lays the foundation for future problem solutions with historical process data.

Create and manage tasks easily

The complicated way to solve a task

The operational processes for the management of tasks and problems are often characterized by media breaks and unclear procedures. These are often reflected as follows:

  • No communication standards for problem solving

  • Long commuting times to colleagues and superiors

  • Problem solutions are not documented sustainably

Long walking times to colleagues and no communication standards

Task management made easy

Findings Documentation

Let your employees record errors and findings directly in the digital checklist using the integrated photo and video documentation. The task feature rounds off the documentation of findings.

Task and Incident Management

In the event of problems or simple to-dos, new tasks can be created by supervisors or directly in the digital checklist by employees.

Chat Function

The integrated chat feature allows employees to interact directly with text and media to carry out tasks or solve problems.

Tasks simply created

Problems, questions or new tasks are daily business on the shopfloor. You and your employees can use the Tasks feature to create and assign new tasks directly in a checklist or separately in the task area.

  • Employees do not have to leave their workplace

  • Direct contact to supervisor or colleagues

  • Fast, joint problem solving fully documented

Create and assign tasks easily to your staff

All tasks at a glance

All created tasks are clearly displayed in the task overview. Useful filter functions allow you to always keep an eye on urgent and important tasks. This allows you and your team to react quickly to problems.

  • Transparent monitoring and management of tasks

  • Ensuring that tasks are carried out

  • Standardized communication process via tasks and chat

  • Use of process data to derive improvement measures

All tasks and their status at a glance

Say goodbye to MS Office & paper

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With Operations1, we establish living processes and increase process reliability.

Cyril Maurer Head of Production and Test Bench, Soudronic AG

Digital 6S checklists enable a transparent documentation of our findings.

Stephan Wagner Head of Quality and Project Management, BBW Lasertechnik GmbH

With Operations1 we establish a global standard for Preventive Maintenance in our 12 plants.

Susanne Conrad Head Equipment Engineering, Oetiker Group

With Operations1, we digitally map the last mile to the employee in an integrated way.

Steffen Paul Head of Future Projects / REFA, POLIPOL

We obtain more transparency in order to be able to derive improvement measures for increasing OEE.

Jacob Reed Head Engineering, Oetiker Group

Our employees are more satisfied and motivated because they work with state-of-the-art technology.

Alexander Kundert Head of Quality Assurance, MCRT GmbH

You are in good company