More quality and precision with digital assembly instructions

Using image and video-based assembly instructions, your employees deliver highest quality and efficiency regardless of location, language or qualifications. Integrated checkpoints and media return make worker self-testing digitally evaluable.

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Industry leaders work with Operations1

  • -95% effort for documentation
  • +21% higher productivity
  • +55% higher quality

The Operations1 software in assembly

With Operations1, you enable intuitive and simple operational execution of assembly and inspection processes. Put an end to text-based work instructions, time-consuming creation processes and long training periods for new employees.

Work instruction

Image and video-based instructions for manufacturing and assembly. Establish processes through the flexible design.

  • Create without any code Create easy to understand instructions via drag & drop and embed images and videos

  • Perform processes reliably Deliver highest quality worldwide using multilingual software and work instructions

  • Digital training for employees Based on digital assembly instructions, employees can be trained more efficiently

Worker self-check

Efficient quality assurance through integrated worker self-testing in the assembly instructions.

  • Efficient self-check of workers Check off integrated checkpoints to save time during worker self-testing

  • Return images and videos Document quality findings via image, video or text and report back in real-time

  • Create and assign tasks Assign, monitor and solve problems via intelligent task management

Monitoring & analysis

Full transparency on progress and findings. Track your production orders at the operation level.

  • Seamless link to orders Create assembly orders or transfer them from the ERP and link them to instructions

  • Live-monitoring Monitor the progress of activities at any time in the dashboard and react faster to problems

  • Evaluate statistics and react Easily retrieve failure patterns, process times and quality statistics and make decisions

Functions for industrial use

Drag and drop

Simplify the creation and updating of your documentation

Pictures and videos

Include images and videos in your documents to increase comprehension

Media editor

Increase comprehensibility by easily editing images and videos in Operations1

Change notifications

Inform your staff when a document changes and always use a point of truth


Deliver both software and your instructions in all the world's major languages

Modular structure

Create recurring elements as modules and create a point of truth

QR-code scanning

Start processes via search function or by scanning a QR code


Synchronize production orders with your MES or ERP system

IoT integration

Use IoT tools and report values error-free and automatically into your digital checklist

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With Operations1, we deliver the highest quality, regardless of location, language and qualifications.

Christoph Lenze Head of Production, Brückner Maschinenbau

With Operations1 we were able to reduce our learning time by 67%.

Steffen Paul Head of Future Projects / REFA, POLIPOL

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