Artificial intelligence for the shopfloor and employees

Improvement of production

Millions of data points are generated in real-time every day in production. AI systems analyze these data volumes, make automated decisions and initiate corrective measures to prevent faults or rectify them quickly.

Support for Employees

The use of AI on the store floor solves numerous problems and leads to improved interactions between humans and machines thanks to technologies such as machine learning and computer vision. This increases safety in the workplace and allows employees to focus on value-adding activities.

AI in Operations1

The potential applications of AI are already diverse today and will play a central role in the architecture of Operations1. In the future, AI will be integrated into various areas of our software in order to offer users customized, operationally valuable solutions.

Operations1 and artificial intelligence

CEO & Co-Founder, Benjamin Brockmann, and Head of Product, Stefan Philipp, talk about "Artificial Intelligence in Operations1".

AI problem-solving idea: AI Shopfloor Assistant

The idea behind the AI Shopfloor Assistant is a new way of accessing and providing information for employees. By using Large Language Models (LLM), information can be accessed by employees in natural language via the AI assistant. The assistant is designed to provide guidance or enable data queries without having to search for data or prepare it in advance.

  • Increase in operational efficiency and productivity

  • Error reduction and process conformity

  • Faster problem solving and time savings

Quicker problem solving with AI

AI problem-solving idea: Computer Vision

Through machine learning (ML) and the use of algorithms, Computer Vision can recognize and interpret patterns, objects and relevant characteristics in visual data such as images and videos. Employees can be directly supported by AI in inspection and quality assurance by comparing images in real-time and receiving precise feedback and indications of potential hazards.

  • Optimized and faster inspections

  • More precise quality inspection and increased quality assurance

  • Improving occupational safety

Increase quality checks with AI-based visual checks

We are convinced that AI can solve numerous operational challenges in production.

Benjamin Brockmann CEO & Co-Founder

AI can support employees in increasing efficiency and effectiveness on the shopfloor.

Stefan Philipp Head of Product

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