• +21% productivity
  • -95% effort for documentation
  • 100% transparency

The challenge: high effort due to filing & archiving

Filing and archiving paper-based inspection records costs valuable time. Paper checklists are filled out by hand by the quality inspector. Subsequently, all information must be digitized manually, and error images must be filed and assigned. In the event of a complaint, this information must be available quickly, but in reality, searching for the reports again takes time.


Central functionalities of the solution

  • Automatic reports They work predefined answers into checklists and allow single or multiple choice.

  • Interaction history Interaction history gives you deep insight into your inspection processes with time stamps.

  • Search function With the help of the search function, a quick and easy tracing of inspections is possible.

  • Integration in third-party systems The in-depth integration capability enables easy order connection and feedback to all common ERP systems and MES.

Read more in our whitepaper checklist 4.0

With digital checklists, you increase efficiency and make better decisions. Read in our whitepaper how our software solution can help you!

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E-paper checklist 4.0