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Contact us and request your free trial access to the Operations1 software with the setup instruction template. Please use your professional email address for this purpose.

Set-up instruction template: Let's Go

Together with the access data we will send you a short intro video on how to use the trial license. For any questions regarding the software, our Knowledge Base and a personal contact person are available during normal business hours.

Paper checklists are simply no longer up to date.

Dr. Alfons Hätscher Chief Financial Officer, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

By constantly increasing our knowledge, we find solutions faster and reduce downtimes.

Stefan Führer Maintenance Leader, Hirschvogel Automotive

With Operations1, we establish living processes and increase process reliability.

Cyril Maurer Head of Production and Test Bench, Soudronic AG

Digital 6S checklists enable a transparent documentation of our findings.

Stephan Wagner Head of Quality and Project Management, BBW Lasertechnik GmbH

Frequently Asked Questions: Set-up instruction template

  • Is there a possibility to test the software?

    You are welcome to test the software free of charge and without any obligation. We look forward to hearing from you via a form submission.

  • Will I have to pay for the trial access after 30 days?

    No. If you would like to continue testing after 30 days, please contact one of our employees. We will be happy to extend your free access

  • Can I insert images and videos into the templates?

    Yes. You can choose from a variety of building blocks to create your documents. You can also use the image and video editor to make your instructions and checklists intuitive.

  • Can the templates be customized in the software?

    Yes. You can customize the templates and examples simply by dragging and dropping, and you don't need any programming skills.

  • How long can I test the Operations1 software?

    You can test the software for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. You will already receive a comprehensive range of functionality.

  • Can documentations be created in several languages?

    Yes, you can create and maintain your work instructions and checklists in any language. The user interface of the software can currently be set to German, English, Slovak, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

  • Are you wondering: Why are digital work instructions important?

    In times of a shortage of skilled workers, small batch sizes and an increasing number of product variants, precise work instructions are key to produce efficiently with a stable, high quality. With digital work instructions you can ensure that process knowledge remains in your company and can be further refined based on local feedback, gathered process data and easy change implementation via drag and drop.