What is a One Point Lesson?

A One Point Lesson (OPL) is a learning method in the field of Lean management or a short training course and refers to a short and concise document that conveys specific knowledge that is important for carrying out a particular process. The aim of a One Point Lesson is to impart knowledge in a simple and easy to understand way, and to ensure that anyone carrying out a particular process has the necessary knowledge to carry it out effectively and safely. The One Point Lesson usually includes illustrations and graphics and is often attached directly to a plant or machine.

What are the objectives of a One Point Lesson?

  1. Knowledge transfer A One Point Lesson focuses on a single aspect or specific topic that is relevant to the people involved. The aim is to communicate this knowledge in a simple and concise way to ensure that everyone involved has the understanding and necessary knowledge of it.

  2. Error prevention By clearly communicating good practice, guidance or solutions in an OPL, potential errors or problems can be avoided. This helps to reduce the risk of errors, improve quality and increase efficiency.

  3. Continuous improvement OPLs promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement. They provide a way to share best practices, give feedback and learn together. By presenting knowledge and experiences in a compact form, teams and organisations can learn faster and continuously improve.

  4. Standardisation A One Point Lesson can help establish a consistent approach or standards to specific tasks, processes or procedures. By creating clarity and consistency, teams can work together more efficiently and achieve better results.

  5. Communication and collaboration An OPL serves as a communication tool to share knowledge and information between team members or departments. It encourages collaboration and the sharing of best practices, experiences and ideas.

In summary, the goal of a One Point Lesson is to share concise knowledge to explain and solve a specific issue or problem. This promotes learning, improves quality, increases efficiency and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

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