What does downtime mean?

Downtime refers to the period during which a system or computer system is unavailable or inoperable and thus cannot be used. The term downtime can also be described as failure or standstill time. A distinction is made between planned downtime and unplanned downtime.

What is planned downtime?

Planned downtime refers to a scheduled interruption in the uptime of a computer system to perform maintenance or make other changes. Unlike unplanned downtime, planned downtime is determined and communicated in advance to minimize impact on users. For example, planned downtime can be scheduled for nighttime hours so as not to affect working hours.

What is unplanned downtime?

Unplanned downtime refers to an unintended interruption in the uptime of a computer system. Downtime is usually caused by technical problems, malfunctions, or other unforeseen events. By occurring without warning, unplanned downtime can cause business interruptions, data loss, or other undesirable effects.

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