What does Clean, Inspect & Lubricate mean?

Clean, Inspect, & Lubricate (CIL) is a maintenance process that involves cleaning, inspecting, and lubricating of plants or machinery. These are routine maintenance activities designed to help ensure that equipment functions properly and that no malfunctions occur.

How does a CIL-process work?

  1. Cleaning Dirt, deposits or other impurities that have accumulated on the equipment or machines are removed. Various brushes and cleaning agents are used for this purpose.

  2. Inspection Following cleaning, the equipment is inspected. The inspection includes a visual check for signs of wear or damage. A check is also made to ensure that all parts are functioning properly. If problems are found during the inspection, they can be corrected before they lead to major problems.

  3. Lubrication The third and final step of the CIL process is to lubricate the equipment or machinery. This involves applying lubricants, particularly to moving parts, to reduce friction and ensure trouble-free operation.

Cleaning, Inspection & Lubrication is an important part of preventive maintenance. The CIL process helps to extend equipment life and reduce the risk of breakdowns and unplanned downtime.

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