Let the Zünd Systemtechnik AG success story convince you

See why Zünd Systemtechnik AG chose Operations1, what goals they wanted to reach and how they achieved them.


By working with Operations1, Zünd Systemtechnik AG wanted to increase quality in production while reducing the error rate. Digital instructions were to be used to train new employees more efficiently so that they could work productively more quickly.

The digitization of documentation was intended to simplify documentation processes overall and increase efficiency.

Reasons for choosing Operations1

After comparing the providers, Zünd Systemtechnik AG opted for Operations1. They were impressed by the user-friendliness, the technological underpinnings of the platform and the comprehensive range of functions.


Through the cooperation with Operations1 and the higher process reliability, the quality in production could be increased. The platform makes it easier for new employees to get started in production.

The digitalization of documentation has also increased traceability. This saves working time in traceability.

Market leaders rely on Operations1