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See why KraussMaffei chose Operations1, what challenges were faced and how they were overcome.


Before working with Operations1, commissioning processes were characterized by several media breaks. Initially, bilingual test protocols were created in Word or Excel, which were then printed out and provided in a job folder.

After completion of the commissioning documentation, the documents were scanned and stored in SAP - sometimes up to 350 pages in the case of extensive protocols. Queries of all kinds again had to be answered by manually researching the physical document.

Reasons for choosing Operations1

After extensive market research, internal tests and a comprehensive utility analysis, KraussMaffei decided to work with Operations1. A central reason for the decision was the high level of user-friendliness of the platform and the broad range of functions.

KraussMaffei was also impressed by the easy scalability of the solution, which can be used globally thanks to its modular structure and multilingualism.


By working with Operations1, KraussMaffei was able to make their commissioning processes more efficient and transparent. Significant time savings were recorded after only a short time.

For example, the processing time for extensive documentation was reduced by -67% at the plant in Hanover. At the Munich plant, which produces 1,200 machines per year, 60 minutes of processing time are saved per machine.

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