Order management - planning and monitoring activities and orders

Effort-reduced order planning

Save valuable time when planning one-off or recurring orders and tasks.

Reduce your planning effort and keep track of upcoming, ongoing or completed orders in real-time.

Plan and manage orders digitally

Order planning with media breaks

Whether manufacturing or maintenance orders - order planning generates unnecessary work for many manufacturing companies due to existing media disruptions. The process often looks like this:

  1. Digital planning of orders in Excel, MES etc.

  2. Transfer of pending orders on analog whiteboard

  3. Manual provision of paper-based orders in production folders or order trays

  4. Employees may have to check the documents again before they can start working on them

Effortful paper-based order planning and management

Orders professionally planned and made available ready-to-go to your employees


Create one-off orders with the right documents and assign them to your employees.


Automate the creation of recurring tasks by creating rules.

Detailed Planning

Refine the planning of your recurring orders on the basis of a detailed schedule.

Plan and assign activities efficiently

Create new orders with just a few clicks and assign priorities, employees and due dates to them.

  • Reduced effort for order creation and planning

  • A central point of truth for your orders

  • Increased process reliability, as tasks are not forgotten

Plan one-time orders and activities

Orders planned down to the last detail

You can plan recurring tasks such as maintenance work on a monthly, weekly or daily basis using rules and have them created automatically.

The Scheduling Rows feature also allows you to plan in even more detail: Select specific modules for the specific intervals. This allows you to adapt the activities to the needs of your production.

  • Reduction of order planning through automation

  • Reducing complexity in document management through module selection

  • Simplified execution for employees thanks to automatically tailored documents based on planning

Plan and manage recurring activitites

Process progress and status in real-time

See the status of your orders at a glance in the order overview. You can access individual orders at any time to gain a detailed insight.

  • Simple monitoring of order progress

  • Increased informative value for questions from other departments or customers

  • Seamlessly documented process data for CIP measures

Track and monitor the status of your orders

Say goodbye to MS Office & paper

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Operations1 enables us to provide our employees with tailored information to focus on value-adding activities.

Christian Loipeldinger Head of Assembly, Krones AG

Digitalization has greatly simplified maintenance planning and the creation of maintenance checklists.

Susanne Conrad Head Equipment Engineering, Oetiker Group

Our employees' time is precious. They shouldn't have to use it searching through documents.

Claudio Sutter Project Engineer Process Excellence, KraussMaffei

With Operations1, we establish living processes and increase process reliability.

Cyril Maurer Head of Production and Test Bench, Soudronic AG

Operations1 is internationally scalable, in all our divisions and across our entire organization.

Dr. Alfons Hätscher Chief Financial Officer, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

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