Operations1 continues to grow - Daniel Furtwängler is new Vice President of Sales

Press release 02/17/2022

Daniel Furtwängler is new Vice President of Sales

Daniel Furtwängler, formerly an early employee of Signavio (acquired by SAP at the beginning of 2021), joins the Operations1 leadership team as Vice President of Sales. With his many years of international experience in sales management, Daniel Furtwängler will be responsible for leading and further expanding the sales team, as well as driving internationalization and expansion into new markets at Operations1.

Operations1, has established itself as one of the world's leading cloud software providers for adaptive, employee-led production processes. The solution of the same name is currently being used successfully in 15 different countries. The recently successfully completed Series A funding of more than 12.5 million US dollars will now be used for further expansion into international markets.

As Signavio's twelfth employee ever, Daniel Furtwängler has built up the APAC business with locations in Singapore, Melbourne and Tokyo, among others, since 2013 and established Signavio in the Asia-Pacific region. Signavio now has more than 500 employees worldwide and was acquired by the SAP Group in 2021.

With the software for Adaptive Process Execution, Operations1 provides a solution for intuitive worker guidance and connects the organization in manufacturing companies. Time-consuming administrative tasks get automated and the cloud-based process knowledge helps to perform value-adding activities. The data collected on site in real time during process execution from maintenance, quality, assembly or audit processes can in turn be used to optimize processes in a data-based and flexible manner.

Daniel Furtwängler

Vice President of Sales daniel.furtwaengler@operations1.com

"The pressure for change on industrial companies will increase in the coming years. While for many companies it is a matter of installing future-proof, flexible operational processes to deal with continuous change, external shocks, competitive pressure or customer-driven factors, the requirement for operational excellence remains. At Operations1, we help industrial companies in mastering precisely these challenges. I'm very excited to be a part of this great team, empowering our customers and globalizing our mission."

Daniel Grobe

Co-Founder & CCO daniel.grobe@operations1.com

"With Daniel Furtwängler, we were able to gain a very experienced executive. Among others, Daniel will be responsible for aligning our sales process even closer to our customers and making it internationally scalable. In view of our increasing internationalization, we are very pleased to have Daniel in our team."